Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Welcome to "Ask the Waitress"

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Welcome to my brain child!

I post on various message boards. They cover everything from religion and politics to family and hobbies. I have found one topic that always gets a lot of attention. DINING OUT.

Everyone dines out, works in a restaurant, or has, at one point in their lives, put on the apron. On these threads people will vent and rave about their dining out experiences. Servers will vent about rude guests and poor tippers. Guests vent about poor service or the unfairness of tips.

That is when it occurred to me to create a place on the web exclusively for talk of this sort.

What are my qualifications you ask?

Well, for starters I am a server/bartender. I work in a famous fine dining steak house. I also work in a family owned Bistro for lunch as well as pick up free lance bar tending work for private parties and catering. I can also speak with some authority as a guest/customer as well. In my 30 something years on this Earth, I have probably done more dining out than cooking. I know what is reasonable to expect from a dining experience.

Please feel free to comment on any of the topics. Feel free to disagree. Just as long as you realize I am always right, we will get along JUST fine.

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